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What our customers have said about us...

Hi James , Adrian & the vw engine team.


Sorry a long overdue, THANK YOU, but we travelled and are now in our new home in Spain.

You all have been amazing, from the first phone call to the delivery of the reconditioned engine. All running in good order! You were even able, when “my” mechanic couldn’t do the gearbox to sort that out and because to much was wrong / broken with the nearly 40 years old gearbox. Unfortunately you couldn’t buy some of the parts you needed. But you phoned us, explained & send it off to someone who could make the part. Nothing seemed to be to much for you. ( Even all this during lockdown)

I love my old VW T25 van so much ♥️ it gives me grate pleasure to have driven it the last few months through Devon, Wales, Scotland, East cost , Cornwall, Holland , Belgium , France and now Spain. 8455 kilometres. Getting many admirable glances and comments as we go. 

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without your guys expertise and professional work attitude. I can highly recommend The vw engine company. Wishing you and the team the  very best. 


Aniet and Rinus van de Sande

 I have to commend you on your approach to your customers. From my perspective the whole experience was brilliant right from the initial contact with James through to receiving the keys from Adrian last week. You run a great business and I count myself lucky to have found you by following a well-deserved trail of positive reviews and client testimonials on the internet.


The van is an important element of our lives and was a key component of the holiday experiences of our two sons from their childhood right through to our trip to the far North of Scotland in 2019 with two little boys that have now grown into a couple of strapping 20+ year old blokes. The engine represents the opportunity to continue to experience family day trips and holidays long into the future.

Since getting home I have been able to take some time to look at the new engine and I can clearly see the amount of care that has been lavished on it. The engine also sounds great, starts immediately and runs nicely on the choke (which it has never done before). The biggest surprise is, despite the tightness of the new engine, (and a bit of fuel inefficient queuing on the M25), I managed to average 30 MPG on the journey home.

Shane Pugh


We are  the owner of the VW Westfalia 87 of Quebec ...

 We simply want to thank you for the very good work you have done on our CC.  After 12 000 km traveled in Europe, we can say that you really did a good job!  No problem all along this route.  We are completely satisfied.  

 Big thanks to you and your team. 

 Helene & Jacques Laquerre

Once again many thanks for getting the engine sorted The VW engine company are truly old school. It has been a pleasure having both the original work and the repairs done by such a dedicated team. I am especially impressed with how you have approached the problem with my seized engine. It is very refreshing to know that such compassionate and understanding companies still exist.


I will not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend your company to anybody who I have contact with in the VW world.

Best regards

Norman Harris (June 2019

VW Bay Window fitting


                                                       Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team .
                                                        I had absolutely no problems driving back on Tuesday and it was a pleasure to drive .
                                                        We have been fortunate with the weather this weekend and we as a family have been                                                                                 driving everywhere in the camper.   The engine has not missed a beat and sounds fantastic. 



It’s exactly what we wanted from the engine. We Really appreciate your hard work .
Many thanks . 
Paul and Kathryn. (Sept 2018)


Adrian and the team. I would like to thank you all for a great job you did on changing the engine on my old VW camper. When I bought her it was my intention to keep the van in original condition. However an engine change became a necessity. Having had the van since 1973 strangely I've become rather attached to the old bus so the change was a bit of a wrench. The advice and help I was given in making the decision on what engine etc was sound and helpful.
I have just returned from a camping trip down to the coast, driving with the new engine was a dream, hence my need to say thank you all for a really good job and one very satisfied customer. David Curry (Aug 2018)


My son and I fitted one of your engines at the weekend, a 1600 unit into his 1303 beetle. I just wanted to say thanks. I was really impressed by how smoothly it went together. The best moment was realising that you had supplied new rubbers for the ends of the inlet manifold! I’d seen that these were split and we’d have had no chance of getting any until Monday but there they were in the pack. I guess we’re not the first to get to that stage and realise we’d need that part.
 So far the engine is just beautiful. It’s quiet and smooth and running really well on the existing carb. I knew that you weren’t the cheapest option for a replacement engine but I guess you get what you pay for you’ve done us proud.
 Many thanks and kind regards
 Pete & Jack. (July 2018)


I wanted to express a big thank you for the work on our new engine. We really appreciate the time you spent explaining the various option and stages, and of course time spent completing the project.
It's always a bit of a punt in the dark trying to get things done in the UK when you're so far away geographiclally.  The VW Engine Co, however, has made the process very simple and hassle free.  At risk of sounding like a 9 year old, it was very much like Christmas Day in our house when you sent the video of the completed engine through last week.
As you know there are multiple options available when looking for a new engine. However, we shall have no hesitation in recommending you in the future. It has been a pleasure dealing with The VW Engine Co and I look forward to contacting you in a couple of years to have a chat about that 1776!
Joe Wariner, (Hong Kong June 2018)


                                         Thanks to you guys, It turned up 10:30 Sat. And was ticking over sweetly in van by 12:30. Back to                                                               work now in it which is fantastic, so thanks again for all your efforts that end.  (March 2018)

                                         The 2lt engine you fitted to Miss Daisy our VW T25 Devon Campervan back in January is performing                                                         really well ​(March 2018)




Just wanted to thank you for the work completed on my camper. She's running like a little kitten and I'm really pleased to see the standard of work completed, including replacing the tail pipe! (Apr 2018)

​Hi everyone at the VW Engine Company thank you all so much for your help the engine is now in our Nellie and sounds absolutely brilliant we are so pleased with the results we really appreciate your help and would highly recommend you guys 😀(Jan 2018)

Just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic service/customer care
I have driven the camper almost every day since I left you and its running great!
Almost time for it to hibernate for the winter
Steve (Oct 2017)

​                                                     Hi All
                                                     9 countries 60days 10,032 km wonderful road trip. (July 2017)


                                                 Hi Guys - just wanted to say a huge thank you for our new engine. Your customer care is out of this                                                           world and I  feel like you are all friends now! You really show you care about VW's and your customers                                                     from start to finish. Attached is photo of Penny at the Doncaster Classic Car and Bike show last Sunday                                                   - maiden journey with her new engine. Warmest regards Paula Williams in Lincoln UK (July 2017)


​                                                 My Bug is back on the road so I thought I would email you to thank you for the help in restoring the                                                           engine. It sounds great and we are driving it with special care while it is running in. The 1600                                                                     conversion has given it some extra power and it pulls very smoothly. The whole process of using VW                                                       Engine Company was superb, you were always on hand to offer advice and assistance when needed                                                         and the collection and delivery was very professional. My engine trouble started when my Beetle broke                                                   down and nothing I tried fixed the problem. In desperation I searched online for a VW engine specialist and found your website. The words, photos and video gave me confidence I had found the right people to talk to so I picked up the phone. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others needing a first class service. Thank you for all your help. Photos attached taken yesterday on Dartmoor
                                        Kind regards
                                        Jon Chartres (Nov 2016)

​                                                     Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciated your Services earlier this summer.                                                             The van made 2.5k miles without even losing any oil and that includes taking in the Alpes
                                                     Really very pleased
                                                      Nick (Oct 2016)



 I just want you to know how pleased I was with both the product and the high quality of service from the VW Engine Company.  I sincerely appreciate the quality of your end product, a rebuilt engine which appears to me to be an excellent build that utilised high quality parts and was carefully engineered with the involvement of me, the client, throughout. The VW Engine Company conducted itself in such a way that made every step in the process very easy to follow, responding immediately to every question. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to receive such a high standard product and quality of service, and I will certainly be recommending your company to others. 
                                                                                                Pete Kercher (May 2016)



 Just to let you know my 2 litre aircooled clocked 55,000 on a round trip to Leicester last week - still  runs amazingly well and uses almost no oil. Cannot fault the work you did so many years ago.
 David Richards (May 2016)


                                                     Drove back from garage today. Felt really good show all the folk who helped mend and install my                                                             new engine.
                                                     Big thanks, Tony (March 2016)

​                                                    Afternoon James, had a great weekend with the Kubel she is running so sweetly, my sincere thanks                                                       to you and Adrian for such a superb job, and thanks for the pictures. Will send you some pictures soon.
                                                   Yours till the gin runs out
                                                   Andy (Feb 2016)
                                                   ​​VW Engine Company n.b  This vehicle was surrendered into the British in 1944, now we keep the                                                               history living on.  




Hi there, I bought one of your turnkey motors for my 1975 Beetle Cabrio. Throughout the process everyone at the VW engine co was helpful, friendly and informative.
The old engine went off to Catford looking sorry for itself and returned looking very smart. It not only looked smart it went well too.
The recon engine felt right from the start and continues to improve.
It's 2/3 run in and is just back from a 120 mile trip. It behaved perfectly, (The only problem was restraining the little bugger to 50mph) ................and there are no oil leaks.
A brilliant service and well worth the money. Thanks Jon (Sept 2015)


                                                        Hi all, 
                                                        Just wanted to say a big thank you, especially to Pat, for all the help and advice I received from you                                                          last week, you were very very helpful. The 1641 engine arrived super quick and it has now been                                                                fitted by my garage, the running in has commenced and she should be ready for her service by the                                                          end of the week. Thank you all once again for getting 'Thelma' back on the road to enjoy what she                                                            was intended for....Family summer fun :-)
                                                        Kind regards Jay & family (August 2015)



Dear Adrian, Patricia, James Tony and all the team.
I would like to thank you all for the outstanding job you have done replacing the engine on our 1970 T2 Bay.  Your communication and professionalism have been second to none!  It is very apparent that you all care deeply for what you do.

                                             We bought Harriet in April 2015.   We were delighted when James said that you could colour match from                                                 our interior to the tinware on the engine.  The result is spectacular, we are so happy!  Thank you for                                                         taking the care to call and check that everything was ok with our return journey and to remind us of the                                                   do's and dont's. To anyone reading this I would not consider taking your prize possession to anyone else!
                                             Rob Fennessy (July 2015)


                                                Big Thanks to Adrian, Patricia and James for all their help with my engine supply and fit. From the first                                                    telephone conversation I knew there was no where else to consider. For a non mechanical person                                                            everything was explained and communicated. My single cab purred home and is ready for a bit of                                                            summer!
                                                Cheers Mark (June 2015)


The van is running spot on completed 200 miles of running in only 300 to go! Thanks for all your help............the sticker will go straight on the van
(June 2015)


                                                     The van is running spot on completed 200 miles of running in only 300 to go! Thanks for all your                                                                help............the sticker will go straight on the van
                                                      (June 2015)


Our friends at Volksworld Camper & Bus with another great review.
(May issue 2015)


To Patricia an Adrian
Thank you for supplying an installing me my new engine. An for sorting the oil leak out fixing the wiring.
I would have no doubt in highly recommending VW engine to other VW friends. I have always found you both to be very professional an polite caring towards me, very delighted with the new engine
Kind Regards
Charles Lenzi (March 18th 2015)


Good Morning Patricia & Adrian
I would just like to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with you on the replacement & upgrade of the engine on 1972 T2 Bay. Advice and communication has been second to none from the initial enquiry to the completed works. After picking 'Bo' up, I then had a completely trouble free and enjoyable trip back up country to Scunthorpe which took about 5 hours (with a bit of a stop for tea, obviously). Thank you very much for all your efforts and work to complete the task and restore my faith in letting a 3rd party work on my 'baby'.
The return trip was uneventful and a complete success with hold ups only around the Dartford Tunnel (£2.50 to cross, payable on line, not at the tunnel)  Additionally I would just like to thank the self hire transporter company via this contact in case anyone from 'The North' is put off by the trip down to London. The company I used provided the transporter, ramps, tie-down ratchet strops, a demonstration of loading the vehicle, the winch operation and a tour of the vehicle (current price was £90/day with 250 mile limit). I hired for 2 days and it cost approx £70 in fuel. (XS mileage current rate was 9p/mile)  Approx 600 mile round trip, with a detour to Norfolk to see a friend, cost approximately £280 including diesel.
 The transporter hire company website is and has branches all over the place. Nearest to me was Bradford.
Thanks, once again to both companies for their professionalism and communication, this made the experience alot more pleasureable than I had anticipated.
Best Regards and happy camping to all,  Mark Pacey (Feb 19th 2015)


                                                  Hi Patricia and Adrian.
                                                 Just to let you know I got home safe and sound on Friday after a very reliable 5 hour 200 mile trip!
                                                 I landed on the drive just in time for the kids to get home from school, packed the van up, checked the                                                     oil level and was at Camper Jam for 6.00pm.  Thanks again for pulling all the stops out last week, the                                                       quick turn around and a cracking job.  Gavin Watson (July 6th 2014)


                                                  Patricia, I'd like to say what a pleasure it's been dealing with yourself and Adrian, everything has been                                                    explained as we've gone along which has helped a novice like me a great deal.  I now have the engine                                                      back in and will be ready to start it up this weekend.  Jon Stevens  (27 March 2014)



Thanks guys for the 1641 Turnkey Engine - looks great! Paul (18 March 2014)


Beetle home safe and sound.  Managed to pick the Christmas trees as planned.  See attached photo! Many thanks for all that you have done to facilitate this. John (Dec 15th 2013)


Hi Pat and Adrian,   
I just felt I had to write to thank you for your excellent work with my Albert the bronzey T25. Not only did you "go that extra mile" to get him to your 
workshop (for which I was extremely grateful), but the work you carried out on him has been nothing short of a revelation.  No-one enjoys having to replace a blown engine of course, but at that time it caused me to consider selling Albert after it had been replaced. Certainly I was thinking along those lines when I came to collect him, but after Adrian had taken me around the workshop, shown me the clear pride you all have in your work and taken me on the demonstration drive, it's true to say I had altered my view a fair amount.  Albert's new engine then drove the 500 miles before your 
recommended service without missing a beat, the improved fuel consumption and power were a joy to realise - so I made the decision to keep him.
As I type this, he is undergoing a full interior refurbishment that is expected to take five weeks and will cost £plenty - all because you have helped my wife and I feel he's worth it! I'd probably not have considered that had I not experienced your efforts and great workmanship, so again - thank you.  Kind regards, Tim & Joyce Jarrett - and Albert. (July 29th 2013)


Hello Pat, 
Some news you may like to pass on to the team.  We attended the Dorset Volksfest over the weekend and entered our bay for the show & shine as a last minute decision.  We only won Best Bay!! so I can safely assume they liked the engine bay and it drew lots of attention all day. So please pass on our 1st show Win news to the team. 
Regards, Simon (July 26th 2013)


Taken from
(Comment on by Jon,  Oct 4th 2012)
So after sourcing a replacement case (Lawrence to the rescue – again), new barrels and pistons, and
con-rods, I got on the blower to The VW Engine Company about the rest.  What a lovely company to deal with. They know their engines and to make sure they were supplying the right bits they went through exactly what I was
doing and what parts I felt I needed. A few days later I had two 1500 single-port heads, a lovely looking crank, the correct size bearings and an engine rebuild seal kit to boot! Armed with these pieces of the engine shaped puzzle, I can now proceed with the build. Those who follow me on Instagram and twitter will know I’ve been balancing the con-rods and pistons in an attempt to make the engine run really smooth. The next step is to put it all back together. I’ll keep you posted. If you’re building an engine and need parts, or you want a replacement motor for your VW, you
should talk to The VW Engine Company - they are always keen to help out!


I've had my engine for over 4 years and done more than 40,000 miles and it runs perfectly, it's also nice to deal with honest and helpful people.
Rev Dave Richards 23 June 2013


Hi Pat,  We wanted to let you know we made it back to Dorset. No problems.  Engine ran sweetly.  I appreciate all the extra tasks incorporated into the  job without extra cost. Please pass my thanks on to Adrian.  
Best wishes. Harry and Karen. (June 10th 2013)


                                                    The engine was installed at the start of the month and we have already made our first trip of the                                                              season to the Highlands to give her a run. The engine performed flawlessly and the bus has been                                                              transformed, we can now motor up hills in 3rd instead of crawling up in 2nd and cruising is much                                                           improved and noticeably quieter. We are more than happy with the new engine and Gary our                                                                     mechanic was so impressed with the service he plans to order from you for his next project.
                                                   All the best Craig. (May 13th 2013)


Hi, Just though I would drop you a line to say a big thank you to you all for fixing Bob, our T25 VW.  Your service was excellent, all the way through
from arranging the collection of Bob, keeping me informed of his progress while taking out the old engine and fitting the new unit.  Bob is running great after brining him back for an oil and filter change, you even managed to sort out the cold start problem that he had!
Thanks again.  Roy Midwinter 28th  March 2013


                                                       Camper & Bus' Panzerfaust engine broke!
                                                      "The saying goes that the proof of the pudding in in the eating, and with that in mind, we feel it                                                                   pertinent here to point out that there's a VW Engine Co. built 1641cc motor currently powering our                                                           very own project bay window, the Panzerfaust. To date, we've not only been impressed with the                                                                 product itself, but with the quality of customer service and after sales care we've received from                                                               everyone at the tour link.....' if the name is unfamiliar to you then allow us to allay your fears. This is no recently set up, fly-by-night operation. The VW Engine Co. has been in the game for 30 years and has been there and done the lot. They're just not the sort of people to blow their own trumpet'. 
Just wanted to say thanks so much for sorting it out. I drove it on Thursday and one of the other guys in the office used it all weekend (and loved it!) it's running great now - has the 'go' I thought it should - feels a world better. Thanks
 James Peene IPC Media Camper & bus


"I have my van back and she is brilliant, I just want to say thank you to Adrian and the team for sorting out the engine, your customer service is second to none.  Thanks"... Cris Oakey


"I don't often feel the need to give feedback on a particular company but, after dealing with The VW Engine Company engines I feel it would be unjust not to do so.  I used them after seeing them advertised in 'Camper and Bus' magazine soon after our 79 Bay's engine gave up the ghost. They squeezed us in in short notice and fitted a new 1641cc engine in our beloved Bus. We did 500 miles, change the oil and then did a 1300-mile trip around Dorset, Cornwall and Devon. We then developed and oil leak, which was due to a twisted breather hose but, as it was a new engine, we took no chances and found a local garage Nigel Allen in Newquay, who again were excellent. On my return from holiday, I contacted Adrian to let them know about the oil leak and the garage's diagnosis. Although they thought the garage had been over cautious removing the engine to check for other leaks, they offered to pay for the work done.   Brilliant! I want to thank Pat and Adrian at The VW Engine Company and would recommend them to anyone.  This truly is a fantastic service and they now have a customer for life.  It's not often we pass on good comments about a service we receive, but I believe it is just in this case." ... Jared Evans, Essex


Excellent Service - (08/03/2012)  "Took my VW T25 for re-con engine. First class advice prior to sale, good service on arrival and good communication during the removal of old engine and fitting of new one. Courtsey car lift to and from station was a great help too. Highly recommended. Quality service at reasonable cost"...Ian Cox


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