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Type 1 "New" 1600cc, 1641cc, 1776cc Engine & Performance Range

New Autolinea, heavy duty crank case

New Cylinder Heads, (Big Valve for 1776cc and performance)
New Barrels & Pistons 
New Main Bearings 
New Big End Bearings
Con Rods Checked for twist & alignment

New Small Ends 
New Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes

New Camshaft, (Engle 100 for 1776cc)
New Camshaft Bearings   
New Oil Pump 
New Oil Pump cover 
New German Gasket Set & Oil Seals (Elring)
New Rocker Covers    
New Oil Switch
Reground, polished Crankshaft 
Rebuilt Rocker Shaft Assemblies (1776cc bolt up assemblies)

New Flywheel 
New Oil Cooler
All Engine Fitting Gaskets and Fitting Instructions
Engine Electrically Run and Bench Tested to ensure optimum compression's and oil pressures 
Packaged: Metal Crate or Pallet 

New twin port 1.jpg
New twin port 4.jpg
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