Engine Reconditioning                                             

The heart of everything we do

We are able to supply our full range to either an individual, retailer, trade garage or restoration

specialist any time. Our engine building process is systematic and precise. Our engine builders,

technicians and machinists have been trained with us and each have a minimum of 15 years

experience working specifically with VW classic vehicles.  Our turnkey and fitting specialist did

his apprenticeship with VAG VW main agent in 1974 back when aircooled was the main focus

and our longest member of staff has been building aircooled VW's with us for over 40 years!  

We're very proud of our staff , their dedication to us and their efforts in making our product and

service the best it can be.  


We constantly question room for development, heavily invest in sourcing the best components and have very strict quality control throughout the production process ensuring our engines are not only the best quality available but remain cost effective. All machining and building is in house to ensure exact standards and quality controls are adhered to as per the original manufacturers VW specifications in Wolfsburg and Hanover Germany.  No automated machinery necessary here, machines are operated manually, as it should be, by the experience of our engineers, checked and double checked.  Our working environment is clean and organised and we believe this helps us produce a top quality product. Unsure? Stop by anytime and see for yourself.