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Engine Guarantee

All goods and work carried out by The VW Engine Company are sold subject to the terms and conditions of the following warranty: If you are a trade customer it is your responsibility to pass on the running in procedure, maintenance information and this warranty policy to your customer.
1)  This warranty is valid for the following period without miles limitation for materials or workmanship failures of the belonging The VW Engine Company exchange reconditioned engine.
Reconditioned Exchange Engines: 12 months unlimited mileage after date of invoice limited to the United Kingdom only.
We offer a further 12 months ‘aircooled’ engine only warranty on The VW Engine Company reconditioned ‘aircooled’ engine if accompanied with our turnkey service or fitting service. 
Turnkey customers that choose to replace or make any alterations to the engine or ancillaries after the sale date and within our warranty period carry out this work at their own risk.

Watercooled engines also carry an additional 12 months warranty when fitted by us. Not for Turnkey Service only.

2)  During the period of the warranty, The VW Engine Company guarantee their product against defective workmanship or failure of components used in the rebuilding of their engine and will only be responsible for rectification or replacement of their engine subject to the following conditions.
500 Mile running in period is required from the date of installation at a speed not exceeding 50 mph
Both warranties are only valid providing that a 500 mile service is carried out from the date of installation
a) Check and reset tappet clearances (excluding CU and Waterboxer)
b) Change oil and clean strainer
c) Check ignition distributor timing and reset if necessary
3)  The installer and the customer have a duty of care to maintain this product. This warranty does not cover:
Engine failures as a result of customer or 3rd party poor installation or maintenance or damage to an engine caused by a small problem that has been allowed to become a larger problem.  Also defects by or arising out of: fair wear and tear, misuse, neglect, accident, incorrect fuel or oil, racing or speed trials, any modification, alteration, repair or attempt to repair, without The VW Engine Company written consent, external influences (weather, war, etc) or as a result of the failure of any customers existing ancillary component i.e. water Pump, hoses, radiator, carburettor etc. during and following the assembling of the ancillaries onto the engine or any ancillary items replaced for new therefore covered under the manufacturers warranty 

4) This warranty does not cover engine failure directly or indirectly as a result of ethenol related issues including faulty carburettor needle valves or signs of excessive fuel inside the engine

5)  The VW Engine Company will not be responsible for any consequential loss, (e.g. towing or courier charges, car hire, hotel expenses, loss of earnings, recovery costs from overseas etc. Or damage recoverable under any other warranty or policy insurance.
6) No work shall commence without the authority of The VW Engine Company.  Any fault must be reported to The VW Engine Company in writing or by telephone and confirmed in writing with photographic evidence
The VW Engine Company reserves the right to request that the full engine or vehicle be returned for inspection. 
7) Throughout the period of this warranty the owner shall maintain and service the vehicle in accordance with the original manufacturers’ recommendations.
8) All our engines are fitted with overheating indicators.  Warranty is invalidated if this is removed or disturbed or if the engine itself appears to have been tampered with.
8) This warranty is transferable during the warranty period  to a new owner subject to The VW Engine Company being advised in writing of the new owners name and contact details.
9) Diesel units: We cannot guarantee our products against damage caused by faulty injectors or injector pump.  In the event of a claim these will be required to be tested.
10) Vehicles planning to run on LPG: This warranty does not cover vehicles running on LPG.
11) This warranty does not affect your statutory rights

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