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Type 1 Engine Specification

1200cc/ 1300cc/ 1500cc/ 1600cc/ 1641cc

Inline Bored Crankcase 
New Barrels & Pistons 
New Main Bearing 
New Big End Bearings
Con Rods Checked for twist & alignment

New Small Ends 
New Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes (Steel for 1200cc)  
New Camshaft Bearings   
New Oil Pump 
New / Machined Oil Pump Cover  
New Cylinder Heads (reconditioned for single port engines)
New German Gasket Set & Oil Seals (Elring)
New Rocker Covers    
New Oil Switch
Reground, polished Crankshaft 
Rebuilt Rocker Shaft Assemblies
Re-machined/ New Flywheel 
Reconditioned/ New Oil Cooler
All Engine Fitting Gaskets and Fitting Instructions
For 1776 only, Crankcase & Cylinder Heads purpose machined for big bore pistons and liners
Engine Electrically Run and Bench Tested to ensure optimum compression's and oil pressures 
Packaged: Metal Crate or Pallet 

Twin port van 1.jpg
Twin port van 3.jpg
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