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Fitting & Servicing Centre

We've built tens of thousands of your engines.  So let us maintain them for you.  Our in house workshop can offer; 


- Full installations in conjunction with our Turnkey Service

- Servicing to new and existing customers

- Pre MOT checks

- Other specific mechanical works.


Routine servicing, winter hibernation, spring emergence, full pre MOT check or planning a big trip. Whatever it is your vehicle needs a treat at least once a year. Bring it to us where we can look after it, offer advice and keep your pride and joy in good health. 

General Engine Service £310+vat

incl oil, spark plugs & necessary gaskets.

Full Vehicle Service £425+vat as above plus;

full safety check, lights, steering, suspension, brakes, chassis inspection and washer fluid.

Classic VW Engine Fitting and Servicing
Classic VW Turnkey and Engine Installation
Aircooled and Watercooled Servicing Centre
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