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Terms of Business and Managing Expectations

​​The "boring stuff" is all pretty standard but nevertheless it's here to protect you & us, and to clarify what is expected from both parties. Firstly, we treat all engines and vehicles as if they were our own. From us we aim to deliver you the best possible product and service.


All goods remain the property of the The VW Engine Company until full payment has been made.

For our;

- Engine Sale or other goods only, you need only read part 1
- Turnkey Service, it's Part 2
- Supply and Fit, part 2 & 3 is required
- Servicing, or Repairs, and other works, skip straight to Part 4


Part 1

- Payment is required prior to collection or dispatch of the goods

- Exchange units with paid surcharge deposit will be credited as soon as the unit can be inspected for serviceability

Part 2
- Unless you have chosen an "all new" package our aim and default position is to utilise as many of your current ancillaries as possible. If you would prefer new replacement items you should advise us as early as possible. We will make every effort to inspect, clean, paint where necessary and re-use every possible ancillary. However, you may require some replacements. We will endeavour to advise you of these as soon as we are able to inspect.

- At the initial inspection phase we aim to cover off as many potential replacement ancillaries as possible. However, some items may not come to light until we are able to hot test the engine so the project must remain fluid until completion.
We reserve the right not to fit current ancillaries or items supplied by you if they are deemed sub standard, or detrimental to the replacement engine.

- You are welcome to contact us at any time during the project where we will happily update you. If you have a specific deadline you should advise us in advance to allow us the best opportunity to fulfill this.

- Once complete your engine will be hot tested to ensure that the engine and ancillaries are fit for purpose. Once returned to you and fitted into the vehicle, prior to road testing the oil level should be checked and final visual checks should be made. Whilst we make every effort to fully test and set up your engine statically, very occasionally fine adjustments may be required once the engine is tested under load in the vehicle.

- Payment is not required until completion of the Turnkey Service unless advised in advance or should you require several expensive ancillaries that are not held within our general stock.

- We occasionally find ancillaries that may function perfectly well on an old engine but develops different characteristics with the replacement engine. Should this be the case we will attempt to advise you of this at the time. Should this manifest afterwards we will offer our best assistance and advice.

- We aim to complete all projects within the timescale advised at the time of booking or at the start of the project whilst prioritising the quality of our work.

- Funds for payment should be in place prior to the project beginning. Payment should be completed immediately upon completion and prior to the product being dispatched or collected. Payment delays will be dealt with individually but we reserve the right to charge storage charges.

- Please be aware of our warranty document available on our website or request a copy.

- If you are unsure about anything at all, we welcome you to contact us to discuss.

Part 3
- Vehicles should arrive with us within tax and MOT (if required), insured, and with at least 1/4 tank of fuel unless advised by us in advance. Any known safety concerns, brakes etc should be advised to us in advance.

- Your vehicle will be stored within our secure compound. Safety and security of your vehicle is paramount to us whilst in our possession.

- Vehicles will be road tested upon completion of the project so it is important that vehicles are road worthy. If not, then we can video the engine running upon request.

- We occasionally find additional work required to safely road test the vehicle. Should this become necessary, if we are able to rectify these, costs will be advised for your authorisation. Should you decide not to continue or if we are not able to rectify the additional work the vehicle will be required to be recovered, or collected by you at your risk.

- Vehicles should be collected as soon as possible following completion of the project. Space is always at a premium so we would appreciate your assistance. Vehicles stored beyond what is deemed reasonable may incur storage fees.

Part 4
- Vehicles should arrive with us within tax and MOT (if required) and with at least 1/4 tank of fuel unless advised to us in advance.

- You should advise us of any safety issues, concerns or issues you might be having in advance.

- Should we discover additional work is required beyond what is originally proposed we will advise you immediately to allow you the decision as to whether to continue.

- For engine repairs or other works, deposits can be requested prior to work beginning and payment should be made upon completion. Delays to payments may incur fees.

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